Welcome to Studio Nine School of Music

Welcome to Studio Nine School of Music, Calgary’s home for premiere music lessons! Our music school has been serving
south Calgary for over 40 years, providing music lessons to students of all ages and all abilities.
Working with only highly skilled music teachers, we at Studio Nine offer the highest quality music education.

For more formal lessons, we have teachers who specialize in classical music for several instruments, offering lessons in the Royal Conservatory of Music.
If you’re looking for something a little different though, we also offer non-graded lesson plans, classes in musical theatre and lessons on how to jam with a band!
Whatever you’re looking for, we offer it in our low pressure, high quality studios.

Music lessons are available in all of our three convenient locations
in a variety of instruments including:

Piano lessons
Guitar lessons
Vocal lessons
Violin lessons
Drum lessons
Lessons in brass
and woodwinds

And more!

Contact us now to register you or your child in private or group lessons!
We’ve got instructors that will not only teach you the values of music education,
but make sure you have fun while you’re at it!


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