Are you looking to play in a band? Or are you already in one and looking for some tips? Studio Nine School of Music is proud to offer saxophone lessons! We have teachers with many different backgrounds who love to teach a variety of styles including:

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Pop

Most of our teachers actively perform in bands and have college or university degrees with a focus in music and arts.

Students will arrive with their instrument, books, any other supplies they are working on with their teacher. In the classroom, students and teachers will tune their instrument and get ready for their lesson. Once everyone is ready to rock, we’ll let the music roll! Together, teachers and students will work on materials that the two have decided on together. These things may include:

  • Finger exercises
  • Scales
  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Chording
  • Note Reading
  • Repertoire

Private saxophone lessons give students the advantage of custom tailoring the lesson to meet their specific needs and goals. Whether you are a beginner who isn’t sure where to start, or a student looking to build a career in music, we can help you build a program for success! Register now or contact us for more details on how to get started!